Fourth of July Special: Sam Ajdani in “Smoke and Mirrors” editorial as published in You Are What You Wear! Read more: Adrian GonzalesStyling: Jeff GalangHair: Jandra BabieraMake up: Mannix Valera CaranchoProduction Design: Nadine Cabe and Ciarra Del RosarioLighting Assistant: Jr Sala of M StudiosShoot Assistant: Krystle ArellanoModel: Sam Ajdani of PMAP
Dubbed as the breakthrough artist in 2012, Paulo Avelino shared his reasons for the love of his craft at this week’s issue of 2bU! Behind his ‘bad boy’ image, he reveals a true passion for his craft. Adrian GonzalesShoot Assistants: Charvin Valdez Torne and Ari SimanganStyling and Art Direction: Maureen ManuelStyling Assistant: Mark CrawfordProduction Design: Warren AlcazarenHair and Grooming: Jet TorrevillasSpecial thanks: JJ Henson